Welcome to fringe.yoga in Sawbridgeworth, Herts. Check out our timetable below;

fringe.flow 0930-1045fringe.flow 0700-0800fringe.beginner 1000-1100fringe.flow 0930-1045fringe.flow 0700-0800fringe.flow 0800 - 0900
fringe.beginner 1300-1400fringe.flow 0930-1045  Jivamukti 1115-1230fringe.beginner 0930-1030
fringe.flow 1930 - 2045fringe.flow 1200-1300   fringe.mama 1100-1200
 fringe.beginner 1800 - 1900fringe.restorative 1830 - 1930fringe.beginner 2000 - 2100fringe.flow 1800 - 1900 
 fringe.yin 1930 - 2045fringe.flow 2000 - 2115   fringe.flow 1800-1915

 -   for a fringe newcomer!


- for the intermittent yogi!

- £10 per drop in

- £7 drop in for fringe.kids

- for the hard core fringe believer! **recommended**


- Buy a block of classes that you can use as and when you please and get a better class rate. The more
classes you buy, the cheaper they get.

- GREAT VALUE: 5 class pass (2 month duration) - £40
- BEST VALUE: 10 class pass (3 month duration) - £75

Classes cannot be used once a pass has expired so be sure to hit your mat often enough.

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- so you can book into class directly from your mobile!


BEGINNERS CLASSES in the fringe.flow style


A journey through the fringe.elements geared towards those new to yoga or those who would simply like to revisit the foundation of their practice. 




Tuesday 1930 - 2030               Wednesday 1000-1115

fringe.slow is the perfect opportunity to slow down, find peace and quiet in the mind whilst reinvigorating your body through a Hatha and restorative form of the fringe.flow. Still working with the elements to create mindfulness within the body, this class will bring you to a calmer, restored and inspired version of yourself. 



Saturday 1100-1200

fringe.flow specifically tailored for mamas to be still working with the elements but ensuring that you get that precious time to relax. It also enables you to maintain and build strength to prepare you for the birth of your baby.

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Thursday 1130 - 1230

This class enables you to connect with your baby and involves a modified flow and baby yoga and massage. The ideal time to be present with your little one all the while bringing back your pre baby core strength and energy. 


Jivamukhti Yoga

Friday 1115 - 1230

Jivamukti class offers an invigorating practice,it's a form of Hatha yoga with a distinct style that weaves together the physical,psychological and spiritual aspects of yoga to form a deep and holistic experience on the mat.




3-5yr olds 4.15-5pm
6-9yr olds 5.15-6pm

Cost: £35 for the full 6 week course per child.


fringe.kids is the perfect class for children between the ages of 4 - 9 to grasp the essence of yoga and learn to embrace the calm yet fun energies and benefits that yoga has to offer! Led by our SYT Jodie who has over a decade of experience teaching children, babies and adults she ensure that every child will gain something amazing from these classes!