Cool, Calm, Collected to the max! Meet Beth Win

Happy new year!

We have such an exciting interview with an incredible yogini for you to read this week. Introducing Beth Win (@urbanyogamonkey), who is someone who has inspired both Jodie and I over the years. I have been following her yoga teaching journey from back in 2012 and she has gone from strength to strength teaching all over London at many prestigious studios and passionately supporting so many powerful and vulnerable women. I cannot recommend Beth's stunning classes enough. She has also taught our FYTTs the Ether/Yin portion of the course and you are in for a treat as her sought after Femine Fire retreat is finally available in Tigmi, Marrakesh this February.

Check out her wise and inspiring answers to our questions below;


Why Yoga?

The practice of Yoga is a practice of integration and the effect of integration offers a way to find ease and a more conscious, connected, loving and intelligent experience of myself, my relationships and my life overall. For me, it is one of the most comprehensive and far reaching practices that acknowledges every facet of my mind, every part of my being and every aspect of life ( and death). It provides me with a framework to see beyond my own ideas limitation and inspires new neural pathways and positive and honest ways in which to live more fully and potently. It has at the heart of it, the recognition of all things stemming coming from One source, and it always leads me to the experience of wholeness and a deep, quiet, restful sense of unwavering trust and inner peace.

What’s your biggest yoga achievement to date?

The biggest achievement of yoga/integration would be my life to date-the quality and level of consciousness of my relationship with myself, my partner, my family, my teachers and my students. I see all my my relationships as a reflection of my own psyche, the level of honesty and ability to feel love or compassion reveals the depth of my yoga practice. I look to my body and its health as one reflection of my commitment to daily practice, to food, to rest, to balance and my breath and nervous system, as a reflection of how i am responding to life and its ever changing events. Yoga provides so many tools to be with life as it is, and without unneccessary suffering, drama or pain so my level of inner peace is an example of how well i'm embodying yoga. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years time i plan to be more deeply involved in service,  service to the blessing that is life itself, service to my loved ones, service to my students to whom I wish to offer more and more useful applications of techniques to bring about a more joyful, rich, conscious experience of their lives. I see my life getting richer, more abundent in depth, in relationship, in love and am open to any of the forms the universe may have in store for me. At present i'm enjoying the process of in depth research, practice and writing of courses and having a framework that lasts several weeks or months, to see changes, offer support and help the roots burrow down deeper for my students.

What/who is your inspiration?

My inspiration is not so much contained within a another person but rather the state of being Inspired itself. I feel Inspiration itself is always available if we consider it more widely; inspired to feed ourselves, to wake up, to read, to communicate, to open, to rest, to moved from within towards love and creative actions  . I am inspired by the sunset, the sea, watching a mother playfully teaching her children to stay curious and confident, by the intelligence of my own body as it heals, learns and adapts. Feeling the inter- connectedness between all things inspires an aliveness in me, a depth of feeling and being that is fully felt throughout. 


Most embarrassing Yoga story?

I've not got any classic/ comedic embarrassing yoga stories but i did take a minute to ask myself what 'embarrassing' meant to me. I asked myself if there was anything revealed that i felt shy about, or had difficultly in it being exposed to my students etc. I recalled an old romantic relationship that i had been quite deluded about and the level of unconsciousness that existed around it and the time when i decided to openly share what i had learned and how i had grown it. The times where i have felt shy to share are the moments that have connected me with vunerability, with the opportunity to practice compassion for myself and other and always resulted in a more wholesome experience of myself and my acceptance of reality as it is. Yoga itself seeks to bring light and not to cultivate hiding or fragmented versions of our lives of ourselves so there are no embarrassing moments as such for me, but rather numerous simple incidences to laugh and giggle from the silliness our minds can create and the joy that comes through when we share our humanity.

What unique gift do you offer your students?

My teaching focuses deeply of developing awareness and residing more confidently in ones heart centre. I wouldn't say this is unique to me as a teacher but that its may permeate in a unique way through everything that i teach and embody. My sense of awe at the interconnectedness between the body, mind and heart enables me to describe and inspire in a very articulate, practical and imaginative way that my students have often commented on re my teaching and found deeply helpful. I always invite them to explore and know from direct experience 

What makes a good teacher?

Being centered in the present, being in connection with the heart (the vibration of compassion) and a wish to remind and guide others back to an inspired open and confident state.

Any advice to help to inspire others to get on the mat?

Yoga is an opportunity to find a peacefulness within yourself, to recognise the value of self care, compassion and feeling at ease within your mind, your choices and your actions. Seek a teacher that or style of practice that inspires that and see how much yoga can benefit your life, health and relationships x 

Favourite quote to live by- 

At the moment of commitment, the entire universe conspires to assist you.
— Goethe

Join Beth and us in Tigmi from the 7th - 10th February for her incredible FEMINE FIRE RETREAT!


Raquelle (fringe co-founder)