Meet our inspirational lioness yogini - LISA


A 2017 FYTT graduate, Lisa continues to spread her light, enthusiasm and positivity amongst the fringe students and teachers. Lisa answers our questions below beautifully and in her own recognizable unique and heartfelt manner; 


Why Yoga?

Yoga is such a wonderful form of exercise because it doesn't demand adrenaline and stress to
“power through it”. Personally, I have been through stages of working out at the gym and
jogging everyday, but it felt like the whole dialogue of these practices was about overruling or
even punishing the body: “no pain no gain”.
When I tried Yoga it was such a joy and relief to find an alternative philosophy in which the body
is toned and kept healthy, but viewed through a lense of love and acceptance.
Yes, we hope to achieve mastery in the poses but this is not the primary goal, and meanwhile
we learn to respect and appreciate the messages our body is giving us.
Plus Yoga isn’t just about the body. It’s so much more than that. For me, Yoga makes
everything else in life flow too. My mind is so much more positive in so many ways when I
practice regularly, and this in turn makes me a better fiance’, daughter, granddaughter,
neighbour, friend, and teacher.

What’s your biggest yoga achievement to date?

Fulfilling my Fringe Yoga Teacher Training was a major milestone of course, as the journey
Jodie and Raquelle created allowed me to push myself and grow in so many ways, they were
the most incredible mentors.
But as a new teacher, I’m measuring my success in the little everyday ways now; the sequence
that flowed perfectly, the student that raved about my class, the sea of Ujjaji breathing in the
front row, the meditation that blissed the room out, the progress of my Begginners in the poses
and most importantly, the connections I make with my students in class.

What/who is your inspiration?

My fellow teachers at Fringe are my inspiration. I love the way that the Fringe method allows
each teacher to show their own creativity and individuality, which is why the line-up of classes is
so varied and characterful.
I love the excitement and variety of Vanessa’s Flow classes. I love the heartfelt fun of Sue’s
Begginners classes. I love the spirituality and humility of Penny’s Jivamukti classes. I love the
peacefulness and healing power of Helen’s Restorative classes. It’s also an absolute joy to
watch my Teacher Training 2017 Tribe grow along with me.

Most embarrassing yoga story?

I have had silly embarrassing things happen, like when I fell out of my headstand in class last
week. But honestly I cringe the most about the times as a Beginner when I was silly enough to
try and compete with other yogis in class. That moment where you look at the person next toyou and try to lift your leg a bit higher, hold the pose a bit longer. I see Yoga completely
differently now, and I understand that we are all on our own journeys, at different stages and in
different bodies-but they are all just as special.

What unique gift do you offer your students?

I like to share Yoga with my students in interesting and creative ways. For example I’m currently
running a four week Tibetan class theme for my Begginners, so that they can try a few unusual
poses and eventually have a short daily sequence they can use at home to mix things up a bit.
I respect Yoga and all of the traditions, teachings and philosophies that come with it, but my
classes are never deadly serious as I want people to feel free and comfortable to be themselves
and to enjoy the practice. Life is demanding so I try to give people escapism, positivity and
respite in that precious hour of me-time when they come to class.

What makes a good teacher?

I think a good teacher makes their students feel really seen and understood. Of course it's hard
to connect with everyone in a big class, but some teachers just have that gift, and I am working
on this myself in the hope that I can develop it too.
Any advice to help to inspire others to get on the mat?
If you have an hour a an hour, if you only have 10 minutes, do 10 minutes...every little
bit of love that you give your body and mind will make you feel that little bit better, and will plant
that little seed to be kinder to yourself off the mat too.

Your favourite quote to live by?

In terms of Yoga, I love Jason Crandell’s message that; “Any amount of the pose, is still the
He talks about how we define an advanced Yoga pose, asking; What’s more advanced?
Someone in a basic pose, totally tuned into their breath, in the zone, really present and
connecting with their physicality in that moment...or someone in Pinchamayrasana thinking
about what they need to buy in the supermarket?
I think this is such a beautiful way to reconsider success and find fulfilment in our poses.


Catch Lisa on Friday mornings 9 30 - 1030am at fringe.redricks!