F.Y.T.T. Terms & Conditions


Terms and Conditions

There terms and conditions apply to the registration and/or participation in the Fringe Yoga Teacher Training Course

as organised, promoted, held and conducted by Fringe Yoga (the “FYTT”).


Fringe means Fringe Yoga carrying on business at Fringe.Yoga Studio, The Coach House, Epping, CM16 6LY

Student means you, being an individual duly authorised to register for a place and/or participate in the FYTT.





1. It is your responsibility to read all available information on the FYTT as provided by Fringe through their

website www.fringe.yoga or any other media to ensure your suitability and availability;

2. Registration for a place on the FYTT shall include completion of an application form (the “Application”) which

shall include a disclaimer form;

3. The Application shall include payment of a non-refundable deposit (the “Deposit”);

4. Fringe shall not be bound by any additional terms or conditions of the Student’s Application, unless approved

in writing by Fringe.


1. The Deposit shall be payable at the time of completion of the Application and shall be necessary to reserve

your place;

2. Places shall be reserved on a first come first served basis with priority given to those Students who have paid

their Deposit at the time of submitting their Application;

3. In the event that Fringe decline your Application for reasons outside of their control we may refund your

deposit in part or in full;

4. Course fees are to be paid in full 28 days before the start of the FYTT, unless the Student elects to pay by one

of the payment plans offered by Fringe, as set out below;

5. If a Student chooses to pay via a payment plan as offered by Fringe and set out below, the Student agrees to

complete all payments, on time and in full;

6. Fringe reserves the right to cancel a reserved place in the event a Student has failed to pay their Deposit or

full fees by the required date;

7. Payments should be made via BACS (details on request), cheque payable to “Jodie Merrick” or in cash;

8. Once course fees have been paid in full, no refunds shall be given;

9. In the event a Student cancels their place after the Deposit has been paid but no course fees, a refund shall

be at the sole discretion of Fringe, with their decision being final.

10. Payment options are available, as set out below. You will receive an email confirming the payment option

you have chosen:

Option 1

Pay full amount minus the £300 deposit due May 1st 2019

Option 2

Deposit of £300 followed by three equal payments due 1st May / 1st July / 1st September 2019

Option 3

Deposit £300, £500 by 1 st May followed by six equal payments due every month 1st June - 1st Nov 2019

NB: The amounts payable in options 2 and 3 will be worked out depending on when you book (whether

early-bird discount is applicable) and what room option you opt for.

There is a 3% admin charge for options 2 and 3.


3.1 The fee for the FYTT includes the following:

a. A minimum of 180 contact hours (with an obligatory 90% attendance rate as set out below) training and

assessment by qualified Yoga Teachers;

b. A full manual;

c. Whilst in Ibiza at La Finca in Santa Eularlia from 13th -20th July accommodation and food is


3.2 The Fee does not include the following:

a. your travel, accommodation and food for the UK portion of the course;

b. flights to Ibiza or transfers

c. travel insurance

3.3 The Fee does not include the following;

a. Insurance. Fringe highly recommend that Students arrange their own professional liability and malpractice

insurance available under a health professionals scheme as offered by Yoga Alliance Professionals underwritten

by Zurich at very reasonable rates;

b. A certificate. Payment of the course fees in full does not guarantee a certificate; a Student must attend a

minimum of 90% of the course and pass all assignments in order to be awarded a certificate.


Fringe strive to provide the FYTT course at a high standard, to reflect our own passion, commitment, hard

work and dedication. We expect that our Students reflect this also in their approach to the FYTT and ask that

your conduct throughout the course and whilst on Fringe premises is of an acceptable standard.

4.1 There is a set minimum attendance rate of 90% throughout the course. In the event that a Student is

aware that they will be unable to attend a certain date, they must inform Fringe with a 6 week notice period

(the “Notice Period”);

4.2 If the Notice Period is not adhered to and a key session (being one of the full weekend sessions

focusing on the elements) is missed, attendance at this session must be made up, this may incur a fee to be

able to book a place with the relevant yoga teacher;

4.3 If a Student is unable to complete the course due to unforeseen circumstances including but not

limited to pregnancy and serious illness Fringe are willing to grant extensions to Students. In exceptional

circumstances Fringe may be prepared to roll over a Student’s enrolment to the course in 2019. If a Student

requests an extension on medical grounds a doctor’s certificate would need to be provided;

4.4 Fringe respectively ask that a Student’s behaviour whilst on the Fringe premises is respectful and

considerate to other fellow students, teachers, staff and neighbours;

4.5 Fringe respectively request that Students arrive ready to engage in a Yoga class and wear suitable,

appropriate clothing;

4.6 As part of the teaching method it will be necessary to have a certain degree of interaction with your

fellow students and teachers, including physical contact. We ask that teachers’ instructions are always

listened to and followed to the best of your ability and that consent to touch a fellow student is always

sought before doing so. This can be done in a casual, informal manner at the time of the practice;

4.7 Fringe has an expectation that all Students registering and participating in the FYTT will not be new

to Yoga, with a minimum of 2 years previous experience of yoga practice and have their own regular practice

with a basic knowledge of the asanas;

4.8 It is your responsibility to inform the teachers during the FYTT of any known injuries, ailments,

disabilities, medication or anything else that may affect your ability to fully and safely participate in the FYTT

and/or a particular session, practice or demonstration;

4.9 Please be aware that it is also your responsibility to take preventative measures/action during a

session, practice and the FYTT in general, ie BE SENSIBLE, if it hurts, causes any pain or strain do not do it;

4.10 If a Student arrives more than 10 minutes late to a session admission may be refused. If you are

aware you are going to be late, please let us know so that arrangements can be made;

4.11 Please ensure you keep Fringe informed of any change to your contact details, including address,

phone number and email, this is your responsibility and Fringe shall not be held accountable if you are

unaware of important course information if we have been unable to get hold of you or have sent information

to the wrong or out of date contact information which is held on file;

1. Fringe respectfully request that all mobile phones are turned off during sessions.


You hereby warrant the following:

1. That the information you have provided to Fringe including, but not limited to all data on the

Application, disclaimer form and throughout the registration process is true and accurate to the best of

your knowledge and belief;

2. That you are fit and able to actively participate throughout the duration of the FYTT

3. That you agree to pay the course fees in full by such specified dates, including a Deposit if so requested;

4. That you intend to complete the course and attend a minimum of 90% of all sessions; and

5. That you have provided a full and honest disclosure of all existing medical conditions, injuries, disabilities

including any medication being taken that could affect your ability to attend and participate fully and

safely in any of the sessions.

Fringe hereby warrant the following:

1. To provide premises for use throughout the duration of the FYTT that are fit for purpose; and

1. To ensure all Fringe teachers providing training as part of the FYTT are qualified, experienced Yoga teachers.


In the event of a claim by a Student or any third party against Fringe, in relation to these terms and/or the

FYTT, the aggregate liability of Fringe, to the extent not prohibited by applicable law, whether for breach of

contract or under tort, shall be limited to the cost of the course.

In no event will Fringe, to the extent not prohibited by applicable law, be liable for any indirect, punitive,

special, incidental or consequential damage (including loss of income, revenue, profits, use, data or other

economic advantage) in connection with the provision of the FYTT, however such claim for damages may

arise whether for breach of contract or in tort, even if Fringe has been advised of the possibility of such

damages and even if any exclusive remedy provided for in these Terms fails its essential purpose.

Throughout the FYTT some sessions will be conducted by qualified, experienced Yoga teachers who are

friends of Fringe but not Fringe teachers. Whilst Fringe will use reasonable endeavours to ensure the quality

of teaching provided by such third parties is of an equally high standard to that of the Fringe teachers, Fringe

are not responsible for the conduct of these third party teachers.

Fringe can in no way accept responsibility for personal items left on the Fringe premises whilst attending a

session, this extends to your cars. Please make sure you lock your cars and either don’t bring unnecessary

valuables with you or ensure they are secure whilst you are in a session.


1. Please be absolutely sure that you can make all the dates and wish to do the full course before

registration and completion of the Application. All deposits are non-refundable;

2. In the event that you are aware in advance that you will be unable to attend a session please give 6

weeks notice to Fringe. If you are unable to attend a critical session you will have to make this up and

this may incur a fee to book such session with the specific teacher;

3. If you have to cancel your place on the FYTT prior to commencement of the course, due to unforeseen

circumstances FYTT may be able to offer you enrolment in the FYTT in the next calendar year. Such

decision to offer this is at the sole discretion of Fringe;

4. If you are unable to complete the course due to unforeseen circumstances your course fees will remain

liable in full, or if already paid will not be refunded;

5. If you wish to ask for an extension in order to be able to complete the course, due to unforeseen

circumstances, Fringe may be able to arrange for an extension, the decision whether this is possible shall

be at the sole discretion of Fringe. If such extension is requested on medical grounds a doctor’s

certificate will be requested;

6. In the event that Fringe have to cancel the FYTT for reasons outside of their control, Fringe shall only be

liable to refund the cost of the course (less any unavoidable overheads and/or payments to third parties

which have already been incurred).


We pride ourselves on ensuring that our Students are informed, safe, respected and enjoying the FYTT

experience, however sometimes unfortunately things can go wrong. If you feel disgruntled at any point

in time during the FYTT we ask that in the first instance you register your dissatisfaction by speaking to

Jodie Merrick, either whilst at the Fringe premises, or over the phone or by email.

If we are unable to immediately resolve the situation to your satisfaction we will ask that you set down

your complaint in writing and email it to us at Fringe, we will acknowledge receipt of your complaint

within 3 working days and then investigate your complaint. As this may involve speaking to third parties

we allow ourselves 2 weeks to do this and respond to you. If we need to come back to you for further

information we will do so within this 2 week period.

At the end of this 2 week investigation period we will arrange to discuss our findings with you, either in

person or over the phone/by email. Our decision shall be final.


If any provision of these terms is held to be unenforceable, these Terms will remain in full force and effect

with the provision omitted. No delay or omission to exercise any right or remedy accruing to Fringe upon any

breach or default of a Student shall impair that right or remedy, or be construed to be a waiver or any breach

or default.

A waiver by Fringe of any breach or default under these Terms must be in writing and executed by a duly

appointed and authorised officer of Fringe.


For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998, the Student consents to the holding and processing of personal

data relating to You in any form by Fringe, including medical data (whether obtained or held in writing, electronically

or otherwise).

You hereby consent to Fringe holding and processing personal data relating to you lawfully and

in accordance with current legislation. You agree that with your consent Fringe may process and

disclose such data internally and so far as is reasonably necessary externally for the purposes of

complying with statutory requirements, meetings Fringe’s legitimate interests and complying

with this Agreement. You are entitled to withdraw your consent at any time and request that

Fringe delete all personal data held on record relating to you.

As a student FYTT, I consent to my contact details (name, email and phone number) being passed

onto our partners, Yoga Alliance Professionals, so they can contact me directly and invite me to

register as a Trainee and Teacher. I understand that I have the option of opting out of this

registration process


These Terms constitute the parties’ entire agreement relating to the FYTT and supersede all prior

communications between the parties. No modification to these Terms will be binding, unless in writing and

signed by an authorised representative of each party.


Any dispute related to these Terms will be governed by English Law and the courts of England.