F.Y.T.T. Terms & Conditions



By booking classes, events, workshops, subscribing to a membership package and/or using our website you agree to our terms and conditions and also accept our waiver of liability.


Fringe Yoga classes are open to everyone over the age of 18 unless otherwise stated.

Fringe Yoga may run children’s yoga classes within the weekly timetable, these will be categorised according to the age range of children attending each class. Parents/Carers must remain on the premises at all times during the class.


Class passes purchased must be used before the expiry date and unused passes cannot be transferred or carried over. In exceptional circumstances an extension may be granted by Fringe Yoga acting in their sole discretion.

5 class pass - 2 months from date of purchase

10 class pass - 3 months from date of purchase

We are unable to extend passes if they are unused within the date specified. We plan our classes based on attendance and pass purchases and as such we ask that you book into your chosen class as soon as possible. If you book but are unable to attend for whatever reason you must cancel your space in class within 12 hours of the class start time. Cancellations after this time will be classed as attended and we are unable to offer a refund. No shows are charged in full for class so please ensure you cancel your spot if you cannot attend.


Please note that you are not able to purchase on-line prior to the class if you wish to drop in, this is for the Epping studio only. Students are able to purchase on-line prior to the class as a drop in for the Redricks studio.


Terms and conditions, policies and pricing are subject to change at any time and apply to all users of Fringe Yoga so please check back regularly.


From time to time our class schedule may change or there may be changes in the teachers who instruct the classes. If an issue arises and a class must be cancelled you will be notified

as promptly as possible and a refund issued. From time to time there may be a reduced class schedule, reflected by attendance at the studio (such as bank holidays, school holidays etc) and availability of instructors. Every effort will be made to offer an alternative but if you have questions about your classes or your account please get in touch at info@fringe.yoga

Details of class times at Fringe Yoga studio may vary from time to time. Class times will be published on our website, on the Fringe page of the MindBody App and may be available on flyers in the studios.


Cancellation of Classes – Class Passes and Drop Ins

Students may cancel their class up to 12 hours before the start time and receive a credit on account, or a refund on request, on class passes and online drop in bookings if applicable. Cancellations made after this time will be charged in full. Please note that drop-in classes are valid for a month from the time of purchase.

Cancellation of classes Members

We ask that members cancel their booked space in class as soon as possible before the start time to enable their space at the class to be enjoyed by another student.

Cancellation of membership

If you wish to cancel your membership you will be required to give one calendar month’s notice in writing, you will be entitled to continue to enjoy your membership benefits throughout the month’s notice period.

Cancellation of workshops

If you have booked and paid for a place on a workshop at Fringe and you wish to cancel you will be required to give a minimum of 60 days notice, in writing in order to receive a full refund. Should you cancel with between 30 to 60 days notice we will offer you a 50% refund if we are able to fill your place, if you cancel with less than 30 days notice you will not receive a refund but you are welcome to gift your place to a friend or family member, please let us know so we can amend our list of students on the workshop accordingly. If bookings for the workshop went live with less than 60 days until the event then the period of notice should you wish to cancel in order to receive a full refund would be pro rated down accordingly.


Workshops and Events

Fringe Yoga, acting in their sole discretion reserves the right to cancel any scheduled workshop or event. In the event of cancellation Fringe Yoga shall refund the cost of the workshop to those students who had booked and paid to attend. In the event that the event or workshop is rescheduled Fringe will offer the choice to those students who had booked and paid to attend either a full refund or transferring their place to the rescheduled date of the event or workshop. Places are non transferable to a different event or workshop


If for any reason a class only has a single booking (as we are unable to offer private tuition at our group class prices), or fringe yoga needs to cancel due to unforeseen reasons, we will endeavour to inform clients within 3 hours of the start time the class may be cancelled. However, in an emergency, fringe yoga reserves the right to cancel after this timeframe. If this happens you will be notified as soon as a decision is taken and your class will be refunded where applicable.


Some of our classes require specialist equipment and therefore the numbers are limited. We understand that plans change at the last minute and a no show at a class where you have booked a space is sometimes unavoidable, if you are able to cancel your class up to 12 hours before it is due to start you will receive a full refund, after this time you will be fully charged. As a no show (where you have failed to cancel your class and simply do not turn up) we will be unable to refill your space, potentially meaning that another student on the waiting list will lose out on the opportunity of enjoying the class. Students who are repeatedly no shows in class will not be given priority booking for classes after 3 no shows. In the event that a waiting list is in operation for a class, any students with a ‘no show’ record will be moved to the waiting list and priority given to those students on the waiting list who do not have a ‘no show’ record.


Students must arrive on time for classes or risk not being permitted to enter the studios once class has begun. Classes start promptly at the scheduled time so please arrive on time to avoid disruption to the class and instructor. If you arrive late and the doors are closed you will not be able to cancel your space in class at that time and will be charged in full.

Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of your class, workshop, event.


Students are requested to wear appropriate clothes for the practice of yoga. Footwear should be removed on entry to the premises and left in the racks provided or entrance hall.

Mobile phones must be either on silent or switched off entirely to avoid disruption in class.

Fringe Yoga reserves the right to withdraw, suspend or refuse the membership of any member or student whose conduct is, or may deemed to be in Fringe Yoga’s reasonable opinion, injurious to Fringe Yoga, their teachers, reputation and/or enjoyment of the classes by other students or amounts to a breach of the Terms and Conditions or where such expulsion is otherwise to be in the interests of other students. Any student expelled shall forfeit all membership benefits and shall not be entitled to any refund for any period during which the membership is suspended.


Fringe Yoga cannot be held responsible for any service or equipment not being available for whatever reason. Fringe Yoga reserves the right to make alterations to the types of facilities provided, without notice and in its absolute discretion and Fringe Yoga shall not be liable for any loss as a result of such alterations.


Fringe Yoga collects and processes personal data from you in order to provide a service. Fringe Yoga does not share your personal data with any third party. When making a booking, or attending the studios you are obliged to provide us with your name, address and email address and phone number. We may ask for additional information in order to improve our services to you but you are under no obligation to provide this additional information. By providing this personal data to Fringe Yoga you hereby consent to the processes of such personal data.

If you use the Mind Body App to book your place on a class you will be bound by their own data protection policy.


Our policy supports the aim of offering diverse, knowledgeable, well trained teachers who travel to our studio to teach classes whilst being paid for their time through your purchase of memberships and class passes. We are grateful to our students and teachers at Fringe Yoga – thank you for your support.