It has taken over a decade of study, practice and teaching for Jodie Merrick to develop the method. When she met Raquelle Gracie in 2015 the method took on a whole new level by creating a full sensory experience that combines original music written and performed by Raquelle and the intelligent sequencing of yin and yang yoga.

What to expect from a fringe.flow class:

(element of focus changes weekly)  


This is the foundation for all yoga poses. Working specifically on strengthening and toning the feet, legs and bottom it also gives you the opportunity to come back to your roots, to ground, to simply be present here and now. The perfect element for beginners and for those needing more balance in their lives.


This element draws attention to the core and the link between mind and body. We often hold ourselves back because we don’t believe we can achieve but this element ignites that fire in the belly. It encourages, inspires, breathes life into the body and energises the brain. Perfect if you want to strengthen your practice, core strength and really get bikini ready.



Releasing tension in the hips, finding fluidity in the flow, water is the ideal class for the Vinyasa lover and for athletes, cyclists and runners. It is all about letting go of anxiety and long held emotion and embracing change.



As human beings we often give so much of our energy away to others that we don’t focus on self love and compassion for ourselves. The air flow allows the heart to open, the shoulders to relax and the tension to melt away out of the body. This allows for more space in the spine, clarity in the mind and a connection to the heavens. Through backbends and shoulder releases this class creates more openness, space and love within your being.

Adding to the experience...

Specifically selected natural oils to embody each element by GEO MITCHELL are circulated in stunning diffusers in the yoga studio allowing the fringe.experience to be fully sensory. Oils and diffusers are available to purchase in the!