Welcome to FYTT, Fringe Yoga Teacher Training. Our yoga teacher training course enables you to fully understand the depths and origins of yoga; the physical and spiritual practice and its incredible benefits. We also prepare our teachers with all the knowledge they need to be unique, distinctive and thorough. For those who would like a career in teaching yoga, understanding the body and to partake in a truly life-affirming experience then this teacher training is for you.

Run by our fringe.yoga founders Jodie Merrick (SYT) and Raquelle Gracie (RYT) you will be taken on a journey through the elements of life and soul, anatomy of the body, history of yoga and much more. The majority of the course will be led by Jodie, who has over 10 years experience of teaching yoga and Raquelle and other experts in their fields will be taking parts of the course as well. We have developed our own unique approach to Vinyasa Flow which allows our teachers to confidently run classes in the fringe.yoga method. Within the next year we are also planning to expand our yoga brand into other areas of North London, Essex and Hertfordshire and we are intent on finding places for our graduates so they can begin their incredible and developmental journey as a yoga teachers.

The 16 core weekend modules cover the following general areas:

  • evolution of your own practice and focus on understanding of what's happening in your body/mind as your foundation to teach
  • de-construction and analysis of key poses, their core alignment points and how to teach them
  • common postural problems, modifications, safe practice and preventing injury
  • how to make sensitive adjustments
  • essential pranayama, breath awareness and restorative yoga
  • practical anatomy & physiology, including conditions you may encounter when you teach
  • different approaches to meditation, personal and experiential teaching practice
  • the history of yoga
  • The study of Raja Yoga including study of key texts including the yoga sutras of patanjali, the yoga upanishads and shiva sutras
  • basic sanskrit
  • teaching skills including learning theory, presentation expertise, articulation, class planning and sequencing
  • essentials of setting up your own yoga business
  • ethical practice

What do you walk away with:

  • A 200hr Yoga Teaching Qualification recognised worldwide
  • Fringe Yoga Teacher Training Manual
  • Official Certification
  • Upon completion, qualification to register with Yoga Alliance as a professional yoga teacher
  • Photo shoot for all graduates with one printed shot 
  • Graduation Celebration Dinner



22nd (11am-5pm) / 23rd (9am-5pm) April

Introduction into fringe yoga & the Elements

Schools of Yoga

14 hours


6th (11am-5pm) / 7th May (9am-5pm)

Basic Vinyasa and Pranayama


14 hours


21st (9am-5pm) May  


8 hours


3rd (11am-5pm) /4th (9am-5pm) June


14 hours


17th (11am-5pm) / 18th (9am-5pm)June

RAJA YOGA with Lucy Cannon

14 hours


2nd July (9am - 5pm) 

Earth recap and Sequencing

8 hours


5th (11am-5pm) / 6th (9am-5pm) August


14 hours


26th (11am-5pm) /27th (9am-5pm) August


14 hours


10th (9am-5pm) September

WATER recap and Sequencing 

8 hours


23rd (11am-5pm) /24th (9am-5pm) September


14 hours


8th (9am-5pm) October

FIRE recap and Sequencing

8 hours


28th (11am-5pm) /29th (9am-5pm) October

Air recap / Assisting and Adjusting

14 hours


5th (9am-5pm) November


8 hours


18th (11am-5pm) /19th (9am-5pm) November


14 hours


3rd (9am-5pm) December


8 hours


9th (11am-5pm) /10th (9am-5pm) December


14 hours


my journey with fringe TT has been an extremely significant time and has changed my world to what I want it to be. I have safely let go - become raw and have chosen love over fear - I have finally realised and learnt that it’s ok to be the authentic me. My backbends are becoming more open by the day. Thank you Jodie and Raquelle for your guidance, passion and most of all love ”

— Tracey Howard Beckley (FYTT Grad)

I cant recommend the fringe yoga teacher training enough ..ive landed just where I needed to be and so wonderful to be connected and authentic with this tribe learning and growing and loving ”

— Stephanie Goodyear (FYTT Grad)

"It was a dream, a burning ambition to become a yoga teacher. To give to others and serve for the better. To live my life with more awareness and meaning. When I was approached by Raquelle Grace, she saw something in me which I hadn’t. She became myguiding light and shone a path which I thought was unavailable to me. Now after two years under wing, I have fledged into my dream. I am now a qualified yoga Teacher.I have met some great yoga teachers in my time on the mat, however there is another special one, which Raquelle introduced me to, Jodie Merrick. Jodie has elevated my practice and understanding to a place which I could only of dreamt of. Her knowledge is second to none. Jodie’s kindness in sharing her incredible knowledge is above and beyond any yoga teacher I have ever met. Jodie seeks out the best in you. If you chose to follow this path, you will never look back. The Fringe Yoga Teacher Training is the best 200-hour course you could ever wish to choose. Their gentle, nurturing approach to learning over the 8 month period was exactly what I needed.

It’s a wonderful experience to meet other likeminded people on the course who have now become lifelong friends. We share a common bond. When we started the FYTT we wondered how on earth Jodie and Raquelle would ever shape us into yoga teachers! We had no voice, little confidence in our own abilities, our knowledge was very limited. When I look around the room at the newly qualified Fringe Yoga Teachers, it’s been a privilege and an honour to see how they have all developed their unique styles of teaching and to witness their growth and development in their knowledge and their practice.

I say to you, be brave, take the leap and soar the sky."

— Melanie Ladbrooke (FYTT Grad)