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The Summer of Love: with Emma and Nicole

The Summer of Love @ fringe.REDRICKS STUDIO

Emma and Nicole welcome you to their summer of love workshop As the season changes and we settle back into our daily routines we welcome the Autumn, in all its colourful glory, we move into shorter days and cosier nights. Let’s celebrate what a summer it was in a beautiful candlelit Friday evening workshop, embracing our Anahata Chakra for all things love. The evening will include a dynamic flow, using hand blended oils focusing on opening our hearts, releasing fear and embracing the new season with a warm afterglow from the summer. They’ll be a deeply relaxing guided meditation, some nourishing, nurturing breath work and a Yin section to release any last remnants of stress and fatigue. The evening will close leaving you feeling uplifted with a heart full of love, deeply relaxed and content. Open to all levels.