Exploration into the feminine: perspective, physicality and the sacred spaces (an introductory workshop for The Seat of Feminine Fire)

With Beth Win

30th September 2018

12:00-3:00pm £30


This is an introductory workshop for The Seat of Feminine Fire course (which runs in 2 parts) The Seat of Feminine Fire is a course focused on womankind, the relationship between the feminine & yoga and how we can strengthen connection with our mind’s, body’s and heart’s to be a force of potent, and positive change in the world. The course is an in-depth, active and intimate enquiry via specific physical practices, pranayama, mudra, mantra, writing and discussion into the feminine and her power to bring about change. We explore the feminine from a sociological perspective, personal and yogic philosophy, and are encouraged to interact with the content from a personal and honest place for true transformations to take place. When we come into our sovereignty, we move into our power and potency, our creativity and confidence and our wisdom flows effortlessly. Engagement with the course content cultivates clarity, groundedness and a commitment to full, authentic and embodied living. We become fluent in the flow of cycles, the relationship between the natural world and our essence nature, how to nurture our unique qualities and how to embrace the parts that hold us hostage, keeping us bound to past. We learn what it is to dance with the shadow and with the light- without losing our steadiness. It’s a path about/of connection, hence the physical practices being key to creating change between our neurology and physiology, bringing us towards potency, power, possibility and true presence. The first part of the course is designed for every woman, whom will engage in her own unique way. Part 2 is for already qualified yoga teachers interested in setting up feminine Fire women’s circles. Participation in part 1 of the course is necessary for those teachers interested in part 2.