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Coping with Hormones @ Fringe.Epping

Coping with Hormones - Epping

1st March 2019 - 7.30-9.30pm

Join Emma in this beautifully composed workshop to celebrate being a woman and all the wonderful, maternal joys that come with it. But as our bodies begin to transition into the next chapter of our lives through perimenopause and menopause that may bring with it hormonal fluctuations, hot flushes, fatigue and mood swings, to name just some of the symptoms, we can learn how to embrace those changes; equipping ourselves mentally and physically for some of the challenges such a period of transition may bring. Join me on the mat where we will practise a gentle flow with the focus being on those poses that can help alleviate some of the symptoms or peri menopause, menopause and hormonal fluctuations. We’ll enjoy some beautiful breath work before setting into a Yin section with gorgeous hand blended oils and assists with shavasana to close. As this will be a gentle flow this will be open to all levels, please don’t feel you have to be in the throes of peri menopause or the menopause to join, all are welcome. Goodie bag included.