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‘Come to your Senses’ with Kat King & Rachel Skipper @ fringe.Epping studio

‘Come to your Senses’ workshop with Kat King and Rachel Skipper at fringe.Epping studio


“The splendour of Consciousness is revealed through the senses…[on contemplating] your sensory awareness…become immersed in the essence of fullness.” (Vijnana Bhairava)

Explore the senses and uncover the deep presence and aliveness that is available to you through tuning in to your sense perceptions or ‘jnanendriyas’. 

In this afternoon workshop with Kat King and Rachel Skipper, celebrate all that yoga has to offer  Journeying in to the sensual world, we’ll start by moving in to energetic Kundalini-inspired practices followed by a prana-charged Vinyasa Flow sequence, closing the first half of this workshop with grounding pranayama (breath work) and a sensory meditation.  After breaking for herbal tea and vegan treats, we'll move in to a deeply meditative Restorative practice followed by Yoga Nidra.  A long Savasana (relaxation) with aromatherapy and facial massage will bring the workshop to finish. 

Expect crystal magic, journalling and essential oils along the way!