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Kundalini Retreat with Eileen @ Fringe.Epping

Kundalini Retreat with Eileen - Vibrate with your soul and let your heart sing

Let us celebrate our bodies and our lives through the joy of chanting, movement and vibrating together. Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of inner growth, the chance to challenge yourself, to get to know yourself from a very different perspective, a discovery which empowers your soul. Eileen will teach methods which will enable you to use Kundalini practice in your daily life. Therefore, the effect of the retreat will remain with you long after the weekend is over. 


From Circulation & Elimination to Vibration - Epping  with Eileen Seibt

24th May 2 - 4pm

Vibrate with Your Moon Side - Epping  with Eileen Seibt

24th May 7 - 9pm

The Flow in You: 1 - Epping  with Eileen Seibt

25th May 12 - 2pm

The Flow in You: 2 - Epping  with Eileen Seibt

25th May 4 30 - 6 30pm

Flow and Vibrate your Heart - Epping  with Eileen Seibt

26th May 12 - 2pm