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Aerial Yoga FUNdamentals @Fringe.Epping

Aerial Yoga FUNdamentals - Epping

14th April 2019



Aerial yoga is very beginner friendly and it doesn't discriminate. It doesn't matter if you have been a lifelong yogi or this is your first experience with any form of yoga. Everything that is done in the workshop can be modified for all levels. On the other hand, if you are a regular yoga practitioner, your aerial class will be pretty similar in that you'll be doing similar poses and asanas. 

You will flow through your warrior sequences, using the silk for an additional resistance, lengthening and balancing challenge. 

And yes, expect to flip upside down!

We’ll have a go at supported inversions, like the handstand. 

One of the best ways to use the hammock is for inversions because it is fairly easy to go upside-down with the hammock, and it can be done with no pressure on the head, neck, or rest of the spine

Towards the end of the workshop we will lower the hammock and include a blissful restorative session . 

We will end with a short pranayama, meditation and savasana in the hammock, floating above the ground, completely cocooned in the silk!