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The Pre & Postnatal Body, in Movement with Sophie Whippy


Join Stretch Co-Founder Sophie, for a workshop on pre & postnatal bodies, and how this might affect a yoga or movement practice. Most teachers have had the experience of being ready to teach your class, flows planned and ready to go! Just as your closing the studio door, a pregnant lady comes in, and you have to think on your feet to make sure your class is suitable! In this workshop Sophie will take you through the four trimesters of pregnancy & postpartum; how a woman’s body changes, common complaints, how the physical changes may alter her movement & proprioception and what you as a teacher can do, to help her modify, adapt & still enjoy her practice. What you will cover: - The Pregnant body, trimesters 1-3 - Labour, and how this can affect recovery times - The Postnatal body, trimester 4 - Alternatives to common postures and sections of a yoga class throughout all trimesters. During this workshop you will work in small groups to come up with sequences for the group to suggest how a pregnant or postnatal lady might adapt to suit the stage they are in. Please wear comfortable clothing you can move in, bring a pen & paper, and any questions or information you may already have! * Suitable for qualified yoga teachers, if you are an experienced practitioner wanting to attend please check with the studio before booking. A little bit about Sophie: Following the birth of her first son in 2013, Sophie qualified as a Yoga Teacher with Frog Lotus Yoga International and a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher with Lushtums. Wanting to dive deeper, wanting to be able to share information & to be able to support women who were journeying into motherhood she then went on to train as a Birth Doula with Conscious Birthing, and an antenatal educator with Lushtums. Sophie has combined her 6 years of parenting experience of working with pre & postnatal women, years of teaching and working with bodies to create this workshop.