What's coming up at fringe.yoga over the next few months;


Exhale & Let Go,  Inhale and Welcome

Friday 3rd November



*Discount for fringe.yoga members - £16 *

Yogi’s and Yogini’s, we’re super excited to be hosting the first ‘Exhale & Let Go, Inhale & Welcome’ workshop hosted by our resident yoga teachers Emma and Nicole.

This workshop will offer techniques to help you let go of what is no longer serving you and offer some insight into what to welcome into your life in order to fulfil your potential and create your ultimate happiness. Focusing on the power of manifestation, healing energy and the new moon, this workshop aims to unify and connect through a 90 minute flow, yin yoga and bonding practices. 

There are only 16 spaces available so make sure you book your space! 

All levels and abilities welcome.


Flow and Restore Workshop with Talia and Helen

Sunday 26th November


Face Your Fears – Headstand Workshop!!

Date: 27th October

19:30 - 21:30pm


*Discount for fringe.yoga members - £16 *

Hey yogis, the last two headstand workshops in 2016 went down so well, we are excited to host this workshop again for those of you who missed out!

Only 18 spaces available, so book now and secure your space! 

Details of the workshop:

This workshop will help you find your inner balance by breaking apart fear based thinking.

You will learn safe and practical preparations  to take you away from the wall for traditional and funky headstand variations. Also an understanding of what headstands actually entail, to protect your neck and head from strain. 

We will also look at how fear as an emotion can manifest itself in more unusual ways in the body resulting in both physical and emotional tension. Therefore part of this workshop will focus on breathing and the physical and energetic release of the psoas for optimum back bending, hip opening and greater well being.

Be prepared to work playfully but also very deeply and right at your edge, You are guaranteed to leave this workshop feeling a greater sense of inner peace...and of course...as less of a scaredy cat!!!

Workshop is with Talia and assisted by Robyn, headstand junkies!!!!

All levels and abilities welcome!

*email info@fringe.yoga to book*


Gong Bath

Friday 15th December

20:00 - 21:00

We are thrilled to be welcoming Sarah Gregg from Reiki Drum and Sacred Sound Inspirations back to the studio. Come and experience the healing sound vibrations of the Gong. The sounds of the Gong allow you to embark on a mystical, deeply meditative journey. 

Participants lie comfortably on blankets, mats and bolsters and are bathed in the powerful, transformative sounds of the gong. The effect is immensely relaxing and healing on all levels.

Relax, Retune, Rejuvenate!!


New Moon Manifesting with Jodie

Friday 17th November

New Moon Candle-lit Workshop:

Join Jodie for a beautiful evening of energising flows to empower and ignight your projects, potential and personal growth. Followed by a deeply restorative practice and meditation that will sow the seeds manifesting your dreams. 

Wheels and Handstands with Jodie

Friday 24th November


Full Moon Candle Lit Workshop with Jodie

Friday 1st December


Winter Solstice Candle Lit Workshop with Jodie

Friday 22nd December