What's coming up at fringe.yoga over the next few months;



Presented by Nikki Robinson MCSP

November 25th 2017 at 2.30pm

£20 pp

*Discount for fringe.yoga members - £16 *

Discover how this approach can change how your clients move and respond to exercise.

Understand the theory and practice of Myofascial Release.

Learn how to determine if your clients are suffering from myofascial restrictions.

Open up to the scope of Myofascial Release in reducing the symptoms of many conditions such as:
Back, neck and joint pain/stiffness
Sports injuries
Sciatica, Fibromyalgia, Pelvic Pain Syndrome
Migraines, chronic headaches
Post surgical and post fracture rehabilitation
Tennis elbow, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Plantarfasciitis

Very limited spaces so please book and pay online to secure your space.

Email infi@fringe.yoga if you need any assistance booking or have any questions.


Flow and Restore Workshop with Talia and Helen

£20 pp

Sunday 26th November


Full Moon Candle Lit Workshop with Jodie

Friday 1st December


New Moon Manifesting with Jodie

Friday 17th November

£25 pp

New Moon Candle-lit Workshop:

Join Jodie for a beautiful evening of energising flows to empower and ignight your projects, potential and personal growth. Followed by a deeply restorative practice and meditation that will sow the seeds manifesting your dreams. 

Wheels and Handstands with Jodie

Friday 24th November


Gong Bath

Friday 15th December

20:00 - 21:00

£20 pp

We are thrilled to be welcoming Sarah Gregg from Reiki Drum and Sacred Sound Inspirations back to the studio. Come and experience the healing sound vibrations of the Gong. The sounds of the Gong allow you to embark on a mystical, deeply meditative journey. 

Participants lie comfortably on blankets, mats and bolsters and are bathed in the powerful, transformative sounds of the gong. The effect is immensely relaxing and healing on all levels.

Relax, Retune, Rejuvenate!!


Winter Solstice Candle Lit Workshop with Jodie

Friday 22nd December