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3 Day Yin Fascial Yoga Immersion with Beta

Fri 19 June 2015 | 6:00 pm - Sun 21 June 2015 | 12:00 pm

(Single mornings/afternoon sessions available as well as the three day workshop)

Yin Yoga is the practice of long-held, deeply relaxing ‘stretching’ poses that unblock the meridians, or energy pathways of the body, to restore youthful joint mobility. The technique also activates and gathers Prana (life force) to release stuck emotional and physical trauma in the body.

Yin Fascial Yoga has been developed by Beta by combining Yin Yoga with integrative Daoist Yoga with form long held postures. and the application of Traditional Chinese Medicine healing the organs as it works in open up the body meridians. Blending with self- Myofascial Release and Mindfulness targeting the body’s interior, supportive structures, called fascia or “The Fuzz”. It aims to draw a practitioner’s full awareness to an emotional and physical trauma release event by becoming more conscious of how the mind reacts to body’s sensations and feelings.

Day 1 - Friday evening 19 30 -21 30:

Open circle with presentation
Yin Fascial Yoga class
Mindfulness Meditation

Day 2 - Saturday 12 00 - 14 00:

Dynamic meditation
Byodinamic breath work

Day 2 - Saturday 15 00 - 17 00:

Yin Fascial Yoga class
Mindfulness meditation

Day 3 Sunday Morning 10 30 - 12 30:

Yin Spiral Yoga
Mindful sharing
Closing circle


Whole workshop (all 4 sessions) - £100

Single session - £30